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Five Short Blasts

Why are Americans' incomes and net worths mired in a three-decades-long decline?  Why are jobs with decent pay and benefits becoming so scarce?  Why are affordable health insurance and a financially-secure retirement fading from the American Dream?  Why, in spite of thousands of economists guiding our nation's economic policies, is our economy collapsing and our national debt skyrocketing?  Is it possible that the economists are missing something?  Indeed they are - something extremely subtle but very powerful.  You won't find another tired rehash of the usual suspects here.  Here is a new economic theory that nails the root cause of our economic malaise and identifies policies that offer real hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Five Short Blasts is the book that lays bare the underlying forces making the United States' approach to globalization a sure-fire loser, one that has been eroding the finances of American households for the last three decades.  Want to learn more before buying?  Check out the links on this page for crystal clear images of the covers, the table of contents and the Preface.  Can you afford $16.95 in today's economic climate?  In light of the economy's impact on the stock market and your savings, can you really afford not to fully understand what is driving these events? 

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Table of Contents       

To view the Table of Contents of Five Short Blasts, just click here!  (Note:  This is copyrighted material and is for your viewing convenience.  It is not to be reproduced or retransmitted in any form.)


If you're someone who is concerned about the direction of the U.S. economy, once you read the Preface, you won't be able to resist buying the book!  To view the Preface, just click here!  (Note:  This is copyrighted material and is for your viewing convenience.  It is not to be reproduced or retransmitted in any form.)

$16.95 (Free Shipping to All 50 States!!)

About the Author                                                                  

Pete Murphy retired in 2004 after working for thirty years in manufacturing and engineering for a major chemical company.  During those thirty years, he witnessed first hand the devastating impact that globalization has had on U.S. manufacturing.  In 1993 he began formulating his theory of population density-induced decline in per capita consumption and has, since then, written and re-written this book and tested the theory against national and global events as they have unfolded. 

He holds a BS degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Notre Dame and began his career following three years of service as an officer in the U.S. Navy.  Though not formally trained as an economist, he "earned his stripes" as an economist in the tradition of the classical economists - through observation of the economy and the application of logic.  He currently resides with his wife in southeast Michigan - "ground zero" of the devastation inflicted by blind trade on U.S. manufacturing.