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What Readers Are Saying:

The following are comments from readers regarding Five Short Blasts:

"Once you place your hands on this book, you cannot drop it on the table! ... I found his writing and his new theory clear, concise and profound!"  Frosty Woodridge, American Chronicle (and host of Republic Broadcasting Network's "Connecting the Dots" radio talk show)  To read Frosty's full review of the book, click here.

"...Five Short Blasts... sure is an eye-opener for the average American worker!"  Angela L., Memphis, TN

"POWERFUL!!! A provocative book that will leave the reader questioning the course of the American Dream. Pete Murphy has written a factual and intelligible book on the state of our economic future and quality of life. Highly recommended for anyone concerned about his/her future happiness. Bravo to the author and his theory."  Mary W., Detroit, MI

"I'm through half the book again for the second time.  I ended up reading ten hours straight....I'm addicted!"  Brian D., Cleveland, OH

"... a very thought-provoking and interesting book ... impressed with your research, analysis, and conclusions, not to mention your writing style."  Tom B., Cincinnati, OH

"... your Epilogue ... was amazingly worded.  Your feelings and thoughts just seem to jump off the page and come to life in the picture story it created in my head ... one of the most humanly insightfully written perspectives on heaven I have ever read.  ... your Preface and Epilogue were worth the cost of the book and bring a message to those who are truly saddened by the irreversible destructional path that humans have set our world on."  Linda A., St. Louis, MO

"...   What you wrote certainly makes sense and you have the data/graphs to back it up. Your theory looks sound and scary. How can you get millions of americans to understand the concepts and then what do we do unless the politicians are on board?"  Jim A., St. Louis, MO

"You were right. I did enjoy your book. In addition to the valuable information you are a great story teller. I certainly felt I was having a conversation rather than being told something."  Henry Dubb of The Proletariat

"A fascinating book with a riot of tables, graphs and statistics. I loved it. And a well thought out theory on population and wealth."  James Dakin of the Bison Survival Blog